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Car Accident Treatment In Orlando


Our office specializes in the treatment of injuries related to being in a car accident. Our doctors and staff have been treating patients involved in Orlando Car Accidents for many years. We frequently work with the best Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and Pain Management Physicians. We also have great relationships with the top Orlando Law Firms.

Important Information If You're In An Orlando Car Accident

1. 14 DAYS: A new law passed a few years ago in Florida only gives you 14 days from the date of the accident to see a medical professional (ER, Chiropractor, PT, even Dentist, etc.) in order to be able to use the $10,000 provided to you by your car insurance to pay medical bills. If you wait until day 15, you will not be able to use it and the cost for care will be your responsibility. So, make sure you go see someone in the 14 day span, even if you think you may be fine and aren't feeling any pain right away. This leads me to the second most important thing you need to know.

2. See someone, even if you don't have any "pain" right away. Many people do not experience pain immediately after an accident. Sometimes their adrenaline is still pumping for a while, sometimes it takes a while for you body to process that you are hurt and for the inflammatory process to kick in. Whatever the reason, I have seen countless people that come to me and say "I felt fine for a few days, then I started to feel a little ache that I thought would go away and so I took some Advil but it's been a few weeks now and the pain is just not going away." This can be a BIG problem. Especially if you refer back to #1. The moral of the story is, if you are involved in an accident, see someone right away to make sure you are ok. Most of you are not trained medical professionals and don't know how to recognize a serious injury. 

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