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Disc Herniation

The discs sit in between each bone of the spine. They act as spacers and shock absorbers. A normal healthy disc should be tall and full of fluid. The discs are made out of cartilage on the outside and a more jelly type of material on the inside. Typically, when dealing with injuries, we see two types on injuries to these discs. You most likely have heard the terms “Bulging Disc” or “Herniated Disc”. A bulging disc is when you get tears in a circular fashion around the disc cause the disc to expand out in all directions. Bulging discs are most likely the cause of normal wear and tear and more of a degenerative process that happens over time.


A Herniated disc is more likely from some type of acute trauma, like a fall or an accident. What happens in a herniated disc is the trauma causes a tear in the out layer of cartilage and the inner more jelly material leaks out through the tear and back towards the nerve or spinal cord. Sometimes it can be so bad that it puts direct pressure on the nerve or spinal cord. A lot of times, this will cause numbness, tingling, burning and pain that will not only hurt at the site but will radiate into the shoulder, arm, hands, fingers, legs or feet. This can be a sign of a more serious problem.

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